About Alisa

Alisa Garin Photography bio pictureThere are many things in life that I love. One of the things that I love and am fortunate to excel at is communicating with people. For twenty-six years, my method of communication was music. It is such a privilege being able to play an instrument, let alone perform on one in front of an audience. However, being on stage all those years made me realize that while I love to play the viola, there has to be another way to express my deepest and innermost feelings to those who were listening.

I continue to play to this day, but have since employed another method of communication. With my camera, I can produce art, creatively freezing a moment in time, preserving those moments much like a musical recording for future generations to enjoy. Instead of interpreting a piece of music, I interpret a moment in time, composing it however I want it to be seen. I have the chance to verbally speak to my subject, getting to know them personally, making them comfortable, and ultimately producing a piece of art.

Take a look at my work. Then call, email, text, or facebook me and we’ll talk. I look forward to meeting you!!